Integrating personal and work aspects of your business to maximize profit and efficiency.

Management Services

Management services are about taking care of business—integrating your personal business and your work business. We’ll handle your finances so you can rest easy knowing that your books are balanced, your taxes are taken care of, and your cash flow is commendable.

More efficient, more effective financial services.

Let’s say your business is making wine. You have more staff during harvest and crush. Then there’s the back office, where there’s more work than people. Adding more staff is certainly an option, as there’s plenty of paperwork to manage between payroll, bills to pay, banking, and filing. This is option two. No staff, no payroll, no insurance issues, and no vacation schedules or calling in sick. It’s more efficient, more effective and less of a hassle for you to have us look after things with our financial services.

Relieve your workload.

Operating a business is challenging enough without the additional stress of trying to keep your own books. C&D offers the management and financial services to help strengthen your individual and business positions, and maximize your profits. We combine financial services with strong tax practices. Our clients come to us for answers in a variety of areas, so they can tackle all of your financial questions in one place.

C&D financial services
Operating a business is challenging enough without the additional stress of trying to keep your own books.

Helping you meet your financial goals.

By letting C&D manage the accounting, you can free yourself and have more time to focus elsewhere. Whether you want to generate sales, improve service, or spend more time with family, we can handle the financial services so your business can thrive.

Management Services

At C&D, we offer a number of management services to help you meet your financial goals.

Paying bills

Managing your payroll

Tracking portfolios

Tax planning


Processing bank transactions

Cash flow forecasts and analysis

Assistance with investment goals

Strategic and tactical consulting

Financial forecasts

Assistance with retirement savings

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