Our proximity to the wine industry and its personnel is of great value to our clients and potential clients. Due to our location on the Central Coast we've always specialized in agriculture accounting and taxation. We're familiar with industry benchmarks which gives us insight on ways to improve financial results. And use the tax code to our clients' advantage. Experience is a great teacher.

Our winery clients range from small boutique operations to large winery operations, some with sales nearing 100,000 cases annually. We work with more than 50 local wineries and vineyards and also serve as tax and accounting advisors to selected winery operations in the Napa area. We have served as the in-house CFO for several winery and vineyard clients. Many of our clients have multiple entities and often multiple CPA firms, each bringing expertise to a piece of a larger puzzle.

Vineyards and wineries are part agriculture, part wine making and part distribution. And if wine tasting is offered it's also part consumer trade. Lots of moving parts. Lots of places for tax advantages. Lots of places for opportunities to go unnoticed.

We invite you to talk with us about your business and your needs. We believe we can offer a unique insight into your working environment, as it's our business environment as well.

some of what we're doing

  • business & operational analysis
  • strategic and tactical consulting
  • financial forecasts
  • cash flow forecasts
  • budgets and planning
  • vineyard cost accounting
  • winery cost accounting
  • tax planning
  • bookkeeping
  • sourcing for lender financing