Verva Enoch, CPA, CVA

Stephen Palmer, CPA

Mike Sgobba, CPA

Tammy Vogsland, CPA

Matthew Watson, CPA


Heather Gauld, CPA

Kyle Gotcher

Cathy Parr

Lisa Rugh, CPA

Lisa Trama, CPA

Professional Staff

Javier Aguilera



Brooke Blunt

Colby Borello

Jenny Buenrostro

Kathleen Campbell, CPA

Retired Partner, Of Counsel


Jena Deming

Logan Harmon

Senior Associate

Carlene Jones, CPA

Estate & Trust Specialist

Kayla King

Ivana Maratas

Adrianne Nacsa

Megan Parr, CPA

Senior Associate

Kyle Saltveit

Nicole Troup



Administrative Staff

Denise Clutts

Executive Assistant

Melinda Couture

Office Assistant

Jean Howie

Director of Operations

Joy Jonas

Office Manager

Robyn Koval

Office Coordinator

Coleen Moriarty

Administrative Assistant

Jenny Willis

Front Desk Coordinator