Team Highlights — Getting to Know Us

Summit of Mt. Whitney

Steve Palmer



You may already know Steve, and his wife Lisa, since they’ve lived in the area for over 25 years working and raising their family of three boys - Andrew, Brenden and Ian.  The newest member of their family is Remy – a 1-year old rescue dog (Heinz 57 variety).

When Steve takes time to get away – that’s exactly what he does.  Over the next few months, you’ll find him hiking a little higher than the rest of us.  On August 21st he’ll be at Thompson Peak, the highest peak in the Sawtooth Mountain Range of Central Idaho, observing the total solar eclipse.  Quite the adventure for 2 minutes of a “not to be missed, something to see moment”.  During September, Steve plans to make his third summit of Mt. Whitney in the Eastern Sierras – the highest mountain in the Continental US.  After that, he'll be enjoying the Pilgrimage Music Festival in Nashville. C&D Profile

Favorite Things

Activities:  Being outside, running, swimming, boating, travel

Sports:  Softball, volleyball, golf

Hobbies:  Hiking, camping, nature, education, wine tasting, music

Community:  A founding director of Los Olivos School Foundation and NatureTrack Foundation and member of Solvang Rotary Club.